Gin Blossoms at Summerfest 7/7/18

I’m a Gin Blossoms fan. Unapologetically. Some people might write them off as a successful 90’s band that had a couple hits and nothing more. I would argue that they were a GREAT 90’s band and continue to kick out the jams as well as they did 20 years ago. I’m not alone in that thinking, as I was shocked to find an audience at … Continue reading Gin Blossoms at Summerfest 7/7/18

Miles Nielsen at City Winery 3/26/14

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Miles Nielsen for the third time in as many years. The first time I heard his music was a show at Double Door headlined by Ike Reilly. Miles was playing with his rock and roll band and every song was a pleasant surprise. The second time I saw him was an all acoustic set at Uncommon Ground, … Continue reading Miles Nielsen at City Winery 3/26/14

Falldown-“I Will Go” (VIDEO)

Just before Thanksgiving last year, I had the chance to catch Falldown at Martyrs for their record release show. They played a great set and did a good job of changing things up and holding the interest of the audience. Everyone in the band is also a member of some other Chicago group, so this is kind of a side project for them, though I … Continue reading Falldown-“I Will Go” (VIDEO)

The Welcome II

If you’ve been following this site, you’ll remember that Gehring Miller and his band The Welcome have been putting out an EP a month since March. This experiment is supposed to run until October, according to Miller. The first release was all R Kelly covers, and each subsequent release has been original material. When he first told me about the plan, I doubted him. It’s … Continue reading The Welcome II