The Musical Influences Of Jessica Hernandez


Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas are coming to Chicago this weekend to play an opening slot for Little Comets at Schubas. After listening to their live EP released earlier this year, I can’t figure out why they’re opening for the brit-popsters instead of the other way around. The Deltas combination of old school soul/rock/rhythm and blues, coupled with the incendiary voice of Hernandez makes for a great live show.

I can’t go to the concert on Sunday, but I wanted to feature the band somehow. One of the best ways I’ve found to get to know a group is to find out what music played a part in forming their sound. So, without any further exposition: Jessica Hernandez’s Musical Influences

Neil Young
He was one of the first artists I remember hearing and thinking, wow this guy knows how to write a song. His music is timeless.

The Gaylads
I didn’t get into these guys until a few years ago, but I have always been a huge fan of reggae and a huge fan of Motown. This band combines those two worlds perfectly.

Wanda Jackson
I remember hearing her for the first time at a friends house and thinking…who the hell is this chick? I looked up videos and all of her music and was so in awe of how ahead of her time she was. A couple years ago I got the chance to open up for her and it was super surreal.

Tom Waits
He was probably one of the first artists that I actually felt inspired by in an instrumental/production sense. I always loved singer songwriters but Tom Waits went beyond that with production and got me excited about experimenting with noises and added weird shit to something simple and pretty.

Talking Heads
My mom is pretty young and listened to really rad music when I was growing up. They are one of the many great bands my mom got me into.

Jaques Dutroc
Who doesn’t love a sexy french man singing well written 60’s garage pop? You can’t listen to his music and not feel good.

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
I think I came across this guy by way of a weird ass youtube video of a song called “Constipation Blues”. My dad and I watched it and laughed and then I fell in love. It doesn’t matter what the hell this guy sings about, he is just a great performer.

Dolly Parton
She’s probably one of my biggest influences when it comes to an artist’s overall career. She writes her own music, writes music for other artists, plays a ton of instruments, has her own theme park. Definitely wanted to be like Dolly when I grew up…maybe I’ll even go for the big boobies when I’m a grandma – ha.

Os Mutantes
I got into these guys when I was about 16 or 17 and I remember hearing them and thinking, shit…this is what I’ve been wanting to hear forever.

Kate Bush
I listened to her as a kid when I stole a CD from my mom’s collection. I didn’t fully understand how amazing she was until I rediscovered her as a teenager and she’s been a staple in my music ever since.

Tickets for Sunday night’s show at Schubas can be purchased here or at the door. Here’s a taste of what you’re in for…

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