Jeff Brown-Reykjavik

I’ve been sitting on this one for a long time. Back in May, Jeff Brown put out an album called 1000 Ways. I listened to it, and then got distracted with other things. My apologies to Jeff and to all of you who have been missing out on his beautiful song “Reykjavik.” The whole album is worth a listen, but this song demands attention.

Recorded at Handwritten Recording here in Chicago, the track features a soft and sweet guitar and gorgeous harmonies. It’s a little like what I sometimes refer to as “Sunday morning listening.” It has a very calming quality to it while remaining a compelling story song. I love the line “I’ll keep trying to find logic in poetry, or maybe truth in this bottle of wine.”

Jeff recently moved out to Virginia after being in Chicago forever. You may remember him playing with his band, Jeff Brown and The New Black, if you live around these parts. He’s always been a strong supporter of other local bands (I know from word of mouth-never met the man), so we’re sad to see him go. But it sounds like he plans to come back and play some live dates here at some point.

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