Photo by Rebecca Miller

Voxtrot: Reuniting For The Real Ones

It’s hard to believe ten years passed between the last Voxtrot show and the announcement that they were getting back together. Maybe because I didn’t really know the band until the very end of their run, when they released “Berlin, Without Return” that got some play on the college station where I lived. It’s got that “Playground Love” style intro that instantly pulled me in and then the slow build of the verse that eventually bursts with the strings into this beautiful mosaic of sound.

Since I didn’t know them until the end, their breakup didn’t effect me much, but I am happy to hear that they are back. When they announced a tour of North America, I was intrigued. Having now seen video from a friend of their show in NYC, I think it looks like an absolute can’t-miss concert. It’s a small tour, only hitting a handful of cities before they play in their hometown of Austin.

In addition to the tour, Voxtrot has released a couple compilation albums on their own label, Cult Hero. Early Music and Cut From The Stone: B-Sides and Rarities are both exactly as their titles describe, and provide a deep dive for fans.

There’s no clear indication that this reunion tour will lead to a bigger run of shows or new music, but we can keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. It sounds like songwriter Ramesh Srivastata has enjoyed returning to these songs, maybe they’ve provided some inspiration for new ones.

Check out the band’s website for more tour information.