Tracyanne & Danny at Lincoln Hall 6/27/18

When the debut album from Tracyanne Campbell and Danny Coughlan was announced, it immediately went into my calendar. While I didn’t really know Coughlan, I’ve been such a fan of Campbell for the past decade or so that he could’ve been a circus clown for all I cared. Turns out he’s a great songwriter and his group Crybaby has some tunes on Spotify you can … Continue reading Tracyanne & Danny at Lincoln Hall 6/27/18

Camera Obscura at Thalia Hall 7/25/2014

The newly renovated Thalia Hall located in the Pilsen neighborhood is a spacious, beautiful venue that feels more intimate than it’s size would make you think. It was the first time I had made it out to the space, and it lived up to all the good things I’d been hearing over the past couple months. Making the night even better was the fact that Camera … Continue reading Camera Obscura at Thalia Hall 7/25/2014

Video Premiere-In Rooms “Terraces”

It’s been almost a year since Heather and Nick Leo put out the In Rooms record The Night Has Come. They’ve kept busy it seems, as today they are premiering a brand new video for their song “Terraces.” Shot down in Puerto Rico, the clip cuts together like a montage of a trip you have no recollection of taking. It’s a great achievement of marrying … Continue reading Video Premiere-In Rooms “Terraces”

Anne Brugiere-Eurostar, The Musical

Here’s something light and fun on this sweltering Saturday afternoon. This video is for the first single of a 3-song EP available from French Pop Dream Records. It’s a pretty tune, with vocals that conjure the same feeling as Tracyanne Campbell from Camera Obscura. It has the same 60’s pop sound, with a little Parisian flair. The video reminds me of Godard’s Breathless, or Catherine … Continue reading Anne Brugiere-Eurostar, The Musical

Top Albums Of 2013: 25-1

25. Jamaican Queens–Wormfood 24. Dr. Skinnybones–A Last Hurrah For The Glory Of Drinking Alone 23. The Thermals–Desperate Ground 22. Smith Westerns–Soft Will 21. Night Terrors Of 1927–Guilty Pleas EP 20. Deltron 3030-The Event II 19. Yeah Yeah Yeahs–Mosquito 18. Portugal. The Man.–Evil Friends 17. The All-About–Suburban Heart 16. Fort Frances–Harbour 15. Killer Mike & El-P-Run The Jewels 14.Camera Obscura–Desire Lines 13. Rilo Kiley–RKives 12. Golden Bloom–No Day Like Today 11. Christopher Owens–Lysandre 10. Islands–Ski Mask 9. Janelle Monae–The Electric Lady 8. Of … Continue reading Top Albums Of 2013: 25-1