Summer Of 85: **** (out of *****)

When Alexis capsizes his friends boat off the coast of Normandy, he is rescued by an older boy who happens to be sailing by and sees him. This random act of kindness triggers a whirlwind relationship that lasts only six weeks, but will stay with Alexis forever. At 16, his eyes are opened up to a new world of pleasures and emotions he had yet … Continue reading Summer Of 85: **** (out of *****)

Amina Shareef Ali-In The Dark (Awake Of Course)

So this album came out two weeks ago, but I’ve had it for a while. And when I say a while I don’t mean like a week before release, I mean I’ve had this album since JANUARY! I listened to it when I first got it and liked it, but wasn’t really feeling up to writing anything at the time. And then today I was … Continue reading Amina Shareef Ali-In The Dark (Awake Of Course)

SuperKnova-American Queers

Last night I had the opportunity to see SuperKnova play some songs off her new album American Queers. I’ve been listening to it for a few days, with it’s official release yesterday before the show started. It’s a unique album, combining pop/rock/electronic music in a way that hasn’t previously been done this well. Ellie Kim, the lone singer/songwriter/instrumentalist on the album, has a knack for … Continue reading SuperKnova-American Queers

Slothrust & Sons Of An Illustrious Father Share Split 7”

I’ve been a big fan of both of these bands for a long time. Its been 8 years since I started spreading the Sons gospel and 5 since I instantly fell for the grungy alt-rock of Slothrust. Both bands have continuously landed songs and albums in my year-end lists and played amazing shows here. A couple years ago they toured together starting with Slothrust’s show … Continue reading Slothrust & Sons Of An Illustrious Father Share Split 7”