Talib Kweli at Metro 2/2/2017

Talib Kweli is, without question, one of hip hop’s greatest ambassadors. His music has a message of social justice and peace, he’s constantly collaborating with up and coming talent, and he has the talent of the best MC’s minus the arrogance. His shows are always a good time because they’re less about him and more about the love of music. Last night at Metro in … Continue reading Talib Kweli at Metro 2/2/2017

K’Valentine-Here For A Reason

Chicago has enjoyed a decade of music coming from the inner-city kids that grew up surrounded by violence and discrimination. Some have approached it with cynicism, while others have tried to add some light where there’s already too much darkness. K’Valentine falls in with the latter, spinning a positive vibe and “we can do it” attitude in her lyrics. Thankfully, K’Valentine doesn’t use as much … Continue reading K’Valentine-Here For A Reason

K’Valentine-That’s Real (featuring BJ The Chicago Kid)

I was already sold by the headline: Talib Kweli protege K’Valentine…Say no more-I’m in. The Chicago native has been working on Kweli’s label Javotti for a couple years now, and she’s about to drop her debut full-length Here For A Reason in March. Before that she’s on tour with Kweli and Styles P, hitting Metro on February 2nd. K’Valentine released her first project six years … Continue reading K’Valentine-That’s Real (featuring BJ The Chicago Kid)

Lany at Metro 11/3/2016

I caught Lany earlier this year at Mamby On The Beach and thought they were pretty good. Definitely good enough that I wanted to see them again. Based on last night’s show at Metro, I think this trio has potential to be a huge group if that’s what they want. The show wasn’t sold out, but it felt pretty close, and those who were there … Continue reading Lany at Metro 11/3/2016

Q and A With Guitarist Doug Gillard of Guided By Voices

When I was offered the opportunity to interview a member of Bob Pollard’s Guided By Voices, I knew I wasn’t the person to do it. I have a very basic knowledge of the band, so my questions would be stupid softball questions you hear on shows like “Good Morning America” during their fluff pieces about dogs that can dial a telephone or something of that … Continue reading Q and A With Guitarist Doug Gillard of Guided By Voices