Molehill-Finish Line

It’s been a couple years since the last time we heard from Molehill, but they’ve been keeping busy. Today we’re getting our first listen to a single from their new EP Hostage, and as usual for Molehill it’s an evolution without turning their backs on what has been working for them over the years. The keys are a little heavier throughout the EP and that … Continue reading Molehill-Finish Line

Jenny Lewis-Red Bull & Hennessy

It’s been well over four years since Jenny Lewis last delivered a solo album, but the wait is almost over. On The Line will be out on March 22nd, and today she offered up a new single to help tide us over for a couple months. I caught her last fall opening for Beck and she played a couple new tunes which sounded great. “Red … Continue reading Jenny Lewis-Red Bull & Hennessy

Odetta and Camellia Hartman-Tonight You Belong To Me featuring Oliver Ignatius

I got an early listen to this song a few weeks ago (an early Christmas present from the good people at Holy Fang). I’d never heard of Patience & Prudence, nor original writers Billy Rose and Lee David. Somehow I missed the bajillion covers by everyone from Nancy Sinatra to Eddie Vedder-even the bird and the bee do a version of this tune (reinterpreting the … Continue reading Odetta and Camellia Hartman-Tonight You Belong To Me featuring Oliver Ignatius

T-Rextasy: Prehysteria

Last summer I had the opportunity to catch NY quartet T-Rextasy at a DIY venue in Logan Square. It was a different experience than what I’m used to, but the songs were good and everyone was very welcoming. They were touring in support of their single, “Girlfriend,” which appears on their new album Prehysteria. Now that I’ve heard the whole thing, they actually did quite … Continue reading T-Rextasy: Prehysteria