DieAlps!-Our City

It’s been a long couple weeks, broken up by four days of physical and mental torture known as Lollapalooza. Over that time, the only new music I’ve really enjoyed is the new album from Tampa, Florida-based band DieAlps!. There’s something unexplainably listenable to their sound, it’s just very  easy to digest. That isn’t to say it’s simple music, because at times there’s a lot of … Continue reading DieAlps!-Our City

Gloom Balloon-“Alone In My Head” (Video Premiere)

Any occasion to share new music from Gloom Balloon is reason for excitement. The release of Patrick’s latest album is still a month away, but he made videos for a bunch of songs and is slowly debuting each one on different sites. He asked me which one I’d like to host, because we have a good relationship, and I chose “Alone In My Head.” I … Continue reading Gloom Balloon-“Alone In My Head” (Video Premiere)

Lisa Heller at Uncommon Ground 7/27/2017

Last Thursday I had the good fortune to meet a young up-and-coming singer/songwriter from Connecticut named Lisa Heller. She headlined a show at Uncommon Ground and we chatted for a bit while we were taking some pictures outside the venue.  She seems to have a well-developed idea about what kind of music she wants to make and what effect she wants it to have on … Continue reading Lisa Heller at Uncommon Ground 7/27/2017