Looney Gloomers-Faking Paintings

We’re only a few days away from the new Looney Gloomers album, Between Good Friends, and the band has given us one last single to enjoy. “Faking Paintings” is the final bit of music we will get before the album drops, and it seems like maybe they saved the best for last. Just a couple of months ago I previewed a song called “Muscles” from … Continue reading Looney Gloomers-Faking Paintings

Molehill-Say You Were Wrong

It’s been over a year and a half since we last heard from our friends in Molehill, and their latest single could not have come at a better time. As we come closer and closer to the mid-term elections it’s nice to hear a tune about the power of admitting fault, and the beauty in learning from our mistakes. There aren’t a whole lot of … Continue reading Molehill-Say You Were Wrong

Oliver Ignatius-Violence by a Man Against a Woman

I’ve known Oliver Ignatius for a long time now. First heard as a teen in The Hysterics, currently as an artist/producer behind some of my favorite works of the last decade. He’s always been someone I can count on to create interesting soundscapes and engaging stories. I am amazed by his ability to craft songs, especially under his present situation as the target of death … Continue reading Oliver Ignatius-Violence by a Man Against a Woman

Rachel McIntyre Smith-The Woulds

I don’t usually cover music that veers this far into the country realm, but the imagery and emotion that Rachel McIntyre Smith conjures up on “The Woulds” got to me. This single is off her debut EP Glory Daze, which comes out in the Fall. It takes a look at the decisions we make, for better or worse, and how it could be different if … Continue reading Rachel McIntyre Smith-The Woulds