The Airborne Toxic Event-Adjacent: 2 New Songs By Bands Related To TATE

Eddie Chacon 3

On their last big tour through the States The Airborne Toxic Event brought along American Authors. The supporting acts tune “Best Day Of My Life” has been spinning 50 times a day at radio stations across this nation ever since. On the current tour, TATE is being supported by In The Valley Below. The synth-pop quartet are far more interesting for your ears, and singers Jeffrey Jacob and Angela Gail have a solid chemistry. They recently put out a video for their song “Neverminders,” which you can see below.

For a list of dates that ITVB will be opening for TATE, click here.

The Bulls - photo by Josh Giroux

In further Airborne Toxic Event-adjacent news, multi-instrumentalist Anna Bullbrook has joined forces with Marc Sallis of The Duke Spirit to form The Bulls. The duo are releasing an EP later this year or next, but you can check out their first single now. It sounds a bit like early 90’s Mazzy Starr with a quiet fury bubbling beneath.

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