Sons Of An Illustrious Father-E.G.

Photo by Ebru Yildiz

With their newest LP, Deus Sex Machina, coming out in a couple weeks, Sons Of An Illustrious Father have just put out their third single. “E.G.” changes up the sound a bit from the other two songs they’ve released. Big, heavy guitars fill up most of the available space, while Josh Aubin’s vocals offer a sweetness that differs from the intensity of band members Ezra Miller and Lilah Larson.

Like the singles before it, “E.G.” has a darkness lingering that comes out in full force as the chaotic harmonies swirl around in your ears near the 4-minute mark. It’s a well-executed sequence of sounds that culminates in a repeating guitar riff that explodes and then immediately implodes like a supernova that is reborn as a star to guide us through the end of the song.

Deus Sex Machina will land on streaming services June 1. I haven’t found any pre-order info for a physical release, but if you’re interested in such things the band might have them for sale at the merch table during their tour of the US. Find all the dates for that run and more info on the band’s website.