Sons Of An Illustrious Father-“Sons Of An Illustrious Father”

I haven’t dug around too much to learn the history of it, but bands naming songs after themselves is one of my favorite things. There are some great examples in the 70’s, most notably “Bad Company” and “Black Sabbath.”  Lots of metal and punk bands were doing it in the 80’s. Belle and Sebastian did it in the 90’s. Most recently, Titus Andronicus did it (three  times).

Now one of my absolute favorites are carrying on the tradition with the new single “Sons Of An Illustrious Father.” As Lilah, Josh, and Ezra make their way around the world playing shows, they’re also taking time to record some songs. This is a perfect one-off track. I don’t need it on a record or anything else. It only needs to exist on its own.

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