No Baby-“Breach”

A little under a year ago I did an interview with Ruby Dunphy about her band Thunderpussy. She’s since left that band to work on other projects, one of which is No Baby. The Seattle-based trio just got together earlier this year and “Breach” is their first single.

From the stomping guitar riff that opens the song, a bit of a throwback to early 00’s nü metal, it’s obvious you’re in for a fun ride. “Breach” is a party anthem with the easy-to-shout chorus “I’m making money for my baby.” It’s also an ironic take on the desire for a nuclear family.

Lyrically the song has a lot of highs. My favorites are the reference to “my little slimy ride or die” and a section devoted to having multiple babies at once that starts with a wonderfully delivered “sliding out…” that ends with a visceral scream.

Check out the groups website to stay up to date on new music and shows.

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