Løv Li-Can’t Let You Go

After listening to the latest single from Løv Li, I can’t think of an artist with a more apt stage name. The way he mixes strings with his vocal, and the delivery of lyrics, creates a very powerful ballad. A classically trained violinist, Li has a deep understanding of how music works, and he uses this knowledge to provoke emotions and engage minds.

Li has the vocals to match all the radio titans out there right now, with a greater ability to convey feelings. What I get mostly from songs by Bieber and Sheeran is a soullessness that just finds the right algorithm to keep the money rolling in. With Li, there doesn’t seem to be any great ambition behind the song, just his own heart trying to heal after an abrupt breakup.

I took a listen to the small sampling of songs that Løv Li has available on Spotify, and I can say with confidence that “Can’t Let You Go” is his best work so far. He’s just getting started and it feels like he’s found his voice on this one. “Now You Know” is also really good, and his first release has cleared over 2 million streams.

Li is definitely an artist I look forward to hearing from again. Check out his Instagram for updates on new music.

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