Nils Bloch-The Park

It wasn’t long ago that I wrote about Nils Bloch’s last single, “Iolanda.” That song is lovely and I hope you’ve had a chance to hear it a few times since it was released. But today I want to talk about his brand new track, “The Park.” In my estimation it is better than the previous release in almost every way. A lot of that is just preference and how I process music, so I’ll let you all decide for yourselves which you like more.

There’s something about the structure of “The Park” that makes it curl up and sleep inside my brain. The rhythm of the guitar certainly has something to do with it. The repeated picking lulls you into a relaxed focus that allows Bloch to do a lot of interesting things while your attention is elsewhere.

The layering of sound on this song is really incredible. Before you know it there are strings, and piano, and these ethereal background voices filling all the empty spaces. Add to that Bloch’s own soaring vocal that was hinted at in “Iolanda,” but shows up in full force here.

No word on whether Bloch’s recent trio of singles is leading to a full-length sometime this year, but you can find all his music on his Bandcamp page. I would recommend everyone check it out, but especially if you dig the music of artists like Josh Ritter, Patrick Watson, and Perfume Genius (kind of all over the place, but once you hear it I think you’ll understand).