Tigers Jaw at Riviera Theatre 9/26/22

I already posted about The Gaslight Anthem show that I saw Monday night, but I didn’t want to forget about the opening set that got the night started. Tigers Jaw was there to support the newly reunited boys from Jersey, and also to play some of their new songs from their latest album I Won’t Care How You Remember Me, which came out last year.

It may surprise some, as it did me, that Tigers Jaw pre-dates The Gaslight Anthem by a year. They’ve also gone through their own trials and tribulations. They never took a long hiatus, but there was a period of turnover where the band went from a 5-piece to a duo.

They did a great job getting the crowd going, and I think all the people who didn’t know them before this run are all the better for seeing them. After looking into it, I noticed this is the third time Tigers Jaw has played in Chicago this year, and I have to appreciate a band that’s pushing so hard. They look like they’re having a great time playing together, so hopefully they can keep the momentum going and come back often.