Tops at Beat Kitchen 8/20/18

Beat Kitchen picked a helluva time to showcase the best sound I’ve ever heard at the venue. Every instrument was clear, the rhythm section wasn’t teeth-rattling loud, and the vocals were pushed out front as they should be. That last bit is important, because without Jane Penny’s vocals, Tops wouldn’t be nearly as thrilling. This was my first time seeing the Montreal natives live. Their … Continue reading Tops at Beat Kitchen 8/20/18

More Giraffes-Basement (Live)

I’ve really enjoyed the evolution of music videos since the downfall of the original TRL. From the extravagance of big-budget Hype Williams and Dave Meyers videos to the DIY clips with badly synced sound, music videos have long been a part of the album cycle for bands. They’re also sometimes a good way to treat the fans with a quick one-off or cover track. 90 … Continue reading More Giraffes-Basement (Live)

Sons Of An Illustrious Father at Schubas 6/18/18

By my count, Sons Of An Illustrious Father have played in Chicago 5 times over the past 6 years (I’ve been to 4). In July of 2012 they came to town and played at Observatory Studios as the trio of Lilah Larson, Josh Aubin, and Jake Generalli (opening for a band I loved, and now defunct, The Canoes-drummer moved on to play in Ezra Furman’s … Continue reading Sons Of An Illustrious Father at Schubas 6/18/18

Minus The Bear at House Of Blues 5/4/18

This was my first Minus The Bear show. I’ve known of them more from name that their songs, so I never had the urge to go see them. I heard they were playing Planet Of Ice front to back on this tour, and that piqued my interest a bit. I haven’t followed their career closely, but I know that album. They style served as a … Continue reading Minus The Bear at House Of Blues 5/4/18

Molehill-Tin God (Video)

It’s been almost a full year since the last time Molehill was mentioned on this site. That seems crazy, because for a while there they were dominating the bandwidth here. It was just two years ago that I asked them to play the 5th anniversary show for Music.Defined., and they blew the roof off of Beat Kitchen in doing so. Last week they hit UpState … Continue reading Molehill-Tin God (Video)