Tangerine-“Nothing Better”


When I saw the name Tangerine pop up in my mailbox last week, for some reason I kept thinking of Tangerine Dream. Not entirely sure why, but it was a couple days before I had a chance to listen to it. I was pretty disappointed at first-still thinking it was the German electronic group that scored Ridley Scott’s Legend. But after a couple minutes I started to enjoy this new Tangerine band’s sound.

It’s got that same New Wave-y charm that endeared me to La Roux a few years ago. It could almost be categorized as Stars covering A Flock Of Seagulls. The song is bouncy fun from beginning to end, with Marika Justad’s vocals gliding effortlessly over a funky bass line. The guitar solo toward the end, so out of place in most pop songs, is a brief reminder that Tangerine isn’t trying to jump into a crowded field of radio-friendly also-rans. Rather they’re trying to build a real fan base by writing catchy songs that require real skill to pull off.

They’ll have a full-length out later this year, so if you like “Nothing Better,” be sure to keep an eye out.

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