All the best songs come from real life. Fun, sugary pop songs are great to dance to and drive around blaring to annoy old people, but music that you truly connect to has to come from a place to which you can relate. That’s why so many of The Beatles songs still hold up-universal themes with which people find connections (“Octopus’s Garden” not withstanding).

Des Moines rapper MaZoo lays it all out there for us on “Earth,” her latest single. She doesn’t sugarcoat her past or try to paint a favorable picture of herself-she’s just honest. Whether you like it or not doesn’t seem to be of much concern to her. The point in all this is that everyone has problems-whether they are physical, emotional, existential-that we need to deal with every day.

In this time of hatred and bigotry around the country, I can’t think of a better way to start the healing than for everyone to say “Hey, I’m a little messed up and you are too, but that’s ok. Let’s figure this out together.”

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