Hudson Taylor-Feel It Again

Having made their bones busking on the streets of Dublin, the Hudson Taylor boys, Harry and Alfie, releases their debut album back in 2015. After extensive touring they’re now releasing their follow-up, Feel It Again. The EP contains a lot of different elements from influences from the UK as well as some American.

The first time through the EP I was struck by how good they sound when they let loose. Some bands can get sloppy, which is sometimes a good thing, but these two keep it tight even at their most shambolic. When they slow it down, the harmonies are beautiful and the songs are well-written, but it doesn’t reach the heights of the more upbeat tunes.

They released two singles off the EP, “Run With Me” and “Old Soul,” But my favorite track is “Easy Baby.” The chorus immediately made me think of the UK band Air Traffic’s song “Just Abuse Me.” Elsewhere in The track they get a little bit country with a foot stomping bridge that leads to a repeating chorus with an explosive guitar whirring underneath it all. (the guitar part is absent from the video below)

At their best, Hudson Taylor can give you the feeling of a Simon & Garfunkel/Rolling Stones hybrid. They harmonize sweetly while also offering some great rock riffs and honky tonk dance jams. At their worst, they’re a great-sounding folk pop duo. Even that’s better than a lot of the music out there.

Feel It Again comes out tomorrow, March 23. You can find it on Apple Music here. They just finished up a run in the States, but they’ll be back later this spring/summer. Check out their website for concert updates.

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