Ryan Cassata-Virginia, Pick Up The Phone

Ryan Cassata probably doesn’t need my endorsement to sell records. He already enjoys a YouTube subscriber count over 60,000. But my job isn’t really to sell records, it’s to let you know if the music is any good-a job I take very seriously despite having a readership well below the above mentioned number (actually, well below half that number would be a nice one for … Continue reading Ryan Cassata-Virginia, Pick Up The Phone

Good Morning Midnight-Basket Of Flowers

It’s strange how well Good Morning Midnight‘s new album flows. The songs themselves are quite different, ranging from somber folk to indie-pop to raucous 70’s style AM radio tunes. The influence of bands like Wilco and songwriters like Elliot Smith are heard pretty easily throughout, and GMM’s Charlie Cacciatore captures their spirit with ease. Produced and engineered by friend of the site Dana Telsrow and … Continue reading Good Morning Midnight-Basket Of Flowers

Jonah Parzen-Johnson-“Cabin Pressure”

A couple weeks ago I was surprised to see a couple members of Zongo Junction playing in the current lineup of Hurray For The Riff Raff at Thalia Hall. I talked to Jordan Hyde afterward and mentioned that I had seen his old bandmate Jonah Parzen-Johnson play about a year ago at a bicycle shop here in Chicago. I hadn’t heard anything from Jonah for … Continue reading Jonah Parzen-Johnson-“Cabin Pressure”

Rafael Vigilantics-Ramblin Bones (Video)

This song got under my skin in a different way than most. Initially I thought the song itself was just okay, but the video was really good. I watched it a couple more times for the visuals, and as I did, the voice of Rafael Vigilantics started digging into my brain. Part campfire ballad and part trippy head game, the song comes together like a … Continue reading Rafael Vigilantics-Ramblin Bones (Video)

Lilah Larson-Pentimento

I’ve been a big fan of Lilah Larson since 2011, when Oliver Ignatius sent me some tracks he was working on for Sons Of An Illustrious Father. They pretty instantly became one of my favorite bands, and the album One Body has been a constant in my streaming habits (as well as vinyl listening-a beautiful oxblood red piece of wax). They’ve kept fairly busy the … Continue reading Lilah Larson-Pentimento