Wooing-In Her Head

Rachel Trachtenburg has already been making music for what seems like forever. With Wooing, her newest project, she’s taking on more of the work and delivering her most personal music yet. As part of the Trachtenburg Family Sideshow Players she was the drummer and slowly started doing more. Now she’s fronting a band of her own, with JR Thomason on guitar and Rosie Slater on drums.

“In Her Head” has a psychedelic vibe, but never gets too far out there. They find  a balance where all the instruments get enough space to shine while also forming  a great tune. When the guitars start to layer over one another about halfway through the song, things get really interesting. When Trachtenburg’s vocals return, it almost feels like a completely different song.

The band has only been together a little over a year, so I’m looking forward to hearing more from them. They’re off to a great start, though. You can listen to “In Her Head” and the other song from their 7″ release, “Could Have Been” on their bandcamp page.