The Steak House Mints-Don’t Let The Russian Bots Win

Donald Trump is a racist, human-shaped pile of garbage. I’m not surprised he slurs his words so often, as I imagine it’s hard to talk with all the bullshit in his mouth. He lies. Always. If his lips are moving, he’s lying. I don’t even know if it can be considered gaslighting anymore. If the people are still falling for his tricks, maybe it’s on them. Even so, we have to work together to end this reign of terror.

I’m glad to hear that Chicago band The Steak House Mints agree with me. Their latest is a track all about the troll farms activated to promote division on social media over the last few years. The song is a bit more eloquent than my opening-funnier, too. They add some local flavor with a line about the Cubs World Series win in 2016 being the early sign of the apocalypse.

Politics aside, “Don’t Let The Russian Bots Win” is a blistering blues-rock jam. The intro features a great harmonica riff, the lead guitar snaps off a wicked solo, the vocals feature a slight effect that reminds me of a guy on a soapbox trying to warn others of the dangers that are waiting if we continue down this road we are traveling. The backline performs a classic groove keeping everything hopping forward with great momentum.

My favorite line in the song comes toward the end, and it’s something I hope people take to heart as we wade through these last weeks before the election: “If they win there won’t be nothing left but bones and rust, and a worn out dime that says ‘In God We Trust’, don’t listen to their arguments they’re all ad hominem, it’s not me against you, it’s us against them.”

Request your mail-in ballots but also be prepared to vote at a polling place. Early voting here in Illinois starts September 24th. You can find info on any state’s early voting period here.

For more music from The Steak House Mints, check out their Bandcamp page.