SONG PREMIERE: Brett Altman-Waiting

There’s a formula to storytelling that we all pretty much accept. Every tale has an introduction, a climax, and a resolution. With that in mind, take a listen to Brett Altman’s new single. It’s the first in what will be a series of releases in the coming months, culminating in a full album called Not Quite Love. This story is sure to have you anticipating the next chapter.

Not Quite Love is Altman’s follow-up to an acoustic EP he put out last year called Low Overhead. From the opening guitar strums of “Waiting,” it feels like he’s made a conscious leap forward musically. Using all of the tools at his disposal, he’s built a tune that is structurally sound and filled it with his own unique flourishes. He’s figured out what he does well and lets it shine.

For me, his biggest asset it his vocal range. In many ways “Waiting” feels like part of a big Broadway musical. It’s that song at the end of Act 1 where the hero realizes what he needs to do and sets forth to get it done. I can see it in my head while the song plays: Altman at the edge of the stage, with his big, powerful voice, belting out the lyrics “I can’t waste a minute, I’ve been here twice before, and I admit it, my patience has been worn. What am I waiting for? Why am I waging war inside?” Honestly that’s a show I would go to see and it’s effect is strong definitely felt on this recording.

The songwriter notes that “Waiting” is about fear of rejection and holding out for a “right time” that never comes to pass. It’s a universal thing I think most people deal with at some point in their life. Like Gretzky says (or was it Michael Scott?) “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” So while we’re waiting for more music from Brett Altman, throw caution to the wind and ask your crush out on a date, ask your boss for that raise, tell your grandma her cupcakes aren’t actually that good. There’s no time like the present.

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