Craig Kierce-Though The Road Between Us Is Long

This album ended up in my email and I somehow completely missed it for a month. Fortunately, a month isn’t much time for an album that was mostly recorded in 2017. Craig Kierce sat on the album for a few years until he felt it was ready to be unleashed on the world, and that moment came on April 30th. Leaving the hip-ness of Brooklyn for the always weird city of Austin may have had something to do with the decision-one big move leads to another.

I am kicking myself a bit, because Though The Road Between Us Is Long is a really good record. In the email I received, which, again, I just saw, he notes the influence of bands like Rilo Kiley (ok I’m in), The Cribs, and Elvis Costello. To most, the Elvis Costello thing is obvious in the vocal delivery. I would add another name, and perhaps it’s just a thing that popped into my head, but Craig Finn’s solo work seems to be echoing throughout these songs. Kierce is no copycat, though. His voice sounds pure and confident in his voicing his convictions.

The song that hooked me was “Stationary,” the first track that really slows it down and gives the listener a chance to feel the emotions at the foundation of the album.

“That hotel room where you and I stayed for a week, it’s just a room in my memory. And when I left for the last time I never considered, that I might’ve left without the key”

There isn’t any info about a physical release for Though The Road Between Us Is Long, but you can stream the whole thing on Spotify right now by following this link. Kierce tours a lot, so if you see his name come up in a town near you now that things are starting to open up, go check him out (while being safe, of course). This album came as a nice surprise and I look forward to hearing more from Craig in the future.