It’s been six or seven years since I heard Bloods for the first time. They’re from Sydney, Australia and I caught them opening for The Bots at Schubas on a bit of a whirlwind night. Wasn’t sure what to expect and they really got me going quick. Fast and loud and very exciting, I thought they were primed to do big things here in the States. Sadly, that didn’t happen. However, Bloods have been making consistently great rock tunes this whole time.

“BOSS” is their latest, and follows their Seattle EP. While that EP was soaked in the grunge rock that put the city on the musical map with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and countless others (wait, wasn’t Jimi Hendrix born there?), “BOSS” is a more traditional punk steamroller. The drums and bass blast your ears like heat-seeking missiles and then the lead guitar comes in like a buzzsaw cutting through whatever auditory landscape survived the initial onslaught.

Future plans are unclear at this time, so I don’t know if this is just a one-off or part of a new collection of music the band has coming for us. However, you can check out all their previously released music on their bandcamp page, which I highly recommend doing.