The Dead Deads at Park West 3/30/22

Going in to Park West on March 30th to see The Darkness, I had never heard of Nashville-based rock group The Dead Deads. I was approached by more than one fellow concertgoer who asked me if I was familiar with them, assuring me that I was in for a treat once they took the stage. To their credit, they were all correct. Once the band came out and started playing, the whole crowd was banging along to their sound.

The trio of women, Meta, Daisy, and McQueen, pull their style from many different places-all of them fast and loud. They released their Covid-delayed album Tell Your Girls It’s Alright last summer, and their happiness to finally be playing the songs live was palpable. The way they interacted and played off each other was fun to watch and they killed it for thirty minutes straight. They were there to warm up the crowd and left them boiling.

If you’re so inclined, you can check out some of their older music on their Bandcamp. The newer material can be found on their website.

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