Nils Bloch-I Blink You Disappear

It’s been about a year since Nils Bloch released his debut EP, In Amber Light. Now he’s preparing his first full-length album, which will feature this single, “I Blink You Disappear.” I was a big fan of his output in 2022, and his initial offering of 2023 stands up to the high bar he set.

While the summer is generally a time for bangers and party hits, there’s room for songs that deliver a more somber tone. Bloch’s soft, soothing voice finds perfect accompaniment in his arrangement of acoustic guitar and his own harmonizing background vocals. Toward the end he sings “It’s quiet now…” and adds a gorgeous piano line underneath that really brings the emotional resonance to a new level.

“I Blink You Disappear” is a beautiful song and I can’t wait to hear the rest of what Nils has in store for his first LP. If you dig it, check out his Bandcamp page with all his other music.