The Obleeks-One In A Million

There’s something rather fun and exciting about the latest EP from The Obleeks. It’s a briskly-paced 4 song collection recorded in the childhood home of brothers Andy and Lee Ketch in Portland (they’re now based in Chicago). One would think that going back home to make a record would drown it in nostalgic references, but One In A Million isn’t some trip down memory lane.

I had concerns that The Obleeks would sound too similar to Lee’s band Mooner. Mooner is a great band, but I didn’t want to hear him doing the same kind of thing. This is mainly Andy’s project, though, and there is a fresh urgency to it all. The guitars are all fuzzed out and grimey, with grooves that might remind you of The Black Keys early 00’s records (specifically Thickfreakness). Despite some of the influences that drive Mooner showing up here, The Obleeks is most definitely not a rehash.

The second half of the EP plays slightly better than the first (though with songs this short it’s hard to even break it down into separate parts). The title track has a great early 70’s protopunk vibe to it. EP closer “Casual Seer” features some of the funkiest folk music I’ve heard. The shortest song on the EP ends up being the most interesting listen.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Head over to their Bandcamp page and hear for yourself! 

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