Brendan Benson-Good To Be Alive

It’s been a long while since we heard solo material from Brendan Benson. His last album, You Were Right, came out way back in 2013. He’s kept himself busy lately with his other band, The Raconteurs, and finally took some time to record new songs of his own. The first single off his new record, Dear Life, is a great Valentine’s message of loving yourself and accepting everything as it comes.

The song finds Benson treading some new sonic ground. He’s playing with disco and auto-tune here, which makes for a really fun and different kind of tune. The video is a fun one, filled with roller skating and horses. For some reason seeing Benson sitting in that pink suit reminds me of George Harrison in every one of his solo videos.

Dear Life will hit digital and record stores on April 24th, via Third Man Records. Until then, enjoy this video. I would also recommend a deep-dive into Benson’s back catalogue, which is filled with amazing songs. Check out the completely underrated What Kind Of World from 2012.