Tiny Bit Of Giant’s Blood-If You Want Blood

When I pressed play on “If You Want Blood (You Got It),” my first thought was “Oh this sounds a lot like AC/DC. And, of course, it is a cover of the Aussie rockers tune off Highway To Hell. What sets this version apart is the great video directed by Lincoln Rogers. In it, the band is attacked by doppelgangers in black cloaks.

The song and video both present the struggle we all face with getting older and maintaining relevance (not me, though, I’m totally hip even as I hurtle toward my 40’s). Rogers has fun with the imagery of the band beating themselves up and ultimately destroying themselves. It makes the point that age is really just a state of mind. When you slow down, you die, so keep rocking.

This cover is from Tiny Bit Of Giant’s Blood‘s first LP, Gigantosaur. The Chicago band put it out back in February, and you can find it streaming on Spotify. They also just released a vinyl edition last week, which is of course the optimal way to listen. Pick it up here.